Today, everyone is looking for privacy and security while on the internet against swindlers, hackers, and government agencies who snoop around. For this reason, the preferred mechanism for hiding your identity and facilitating safe access to online content is a virtual personal network (VPN).

To avoid threats of security exposures, this guide on torrenting with a VPN will surely help you out.

Create a VPN account with the best VPN facility

hgshgsa76ashgasThe first step when applying a VPN for your web activities is getting a VPN account from a reliable and suitable provider. If you do not have one so far, you need to conduct a market research because many options exist with different qualities to choose from and buy. The most recommended VPN option, especially for Aussies is ExpressVPN due to its features. Once you identify a supplier, it is very easy to sign up generally.

Installation and connection of your option

The second thing you need to do after selection a VPN option and signing up is to install the app on the device you intend to use to stream online materials. Your client offering you a VPN platform will send you an email containing all the links to help start using the services. It is usually simple to set up the VPN from most of the alternatives you may choose. After ensuring that the account is operational, you need to connect to the nearest server so that you can experience the highest speed.

Ensure that the VPN is functioning

Upon successfully setting up you VPN, you need to confirm its effectiveness before you start to torrent. Check whether your actual IP address is showing or hidden. If it is not displaying, then you know your VPN is working. To check this effectiveness, you can employ the services of ipMagnet, IPLeak, or TorGuard, which provides free torrent-specific confirmation to enable you to ensure that everything is running well before you start your web operation.

Start downloading the Torrents

hsagsa76ashgasasAfter getting through with the first three steps positively, now you are at liberty to search for your needed movies, programs, or music on the internet from numerous sites available. You can also download them securely without exposure to any form of online encroachment to your privacy. At this point, you are anonymous, and can thus download videos through your stream client by clicking on the magnet link. However, you should make sure that you VPN remain connected all through the session to guarantee safety. Once you finish transferring the content, you can turn the VPN off and enjoy watching them from the comfort of your couch.