Going by the current trends, where everyone seem to own and carry their tablets and smartphones; it is apparent that the e-procurement systems are moving towards being mobile friendly. With over three billion mobile users, many companies with the punchout catalog are wondering whether they can make their catalog mobile responsive. This is in a bid to reach out to a vast number of the unexploited customers in this bracket.


Punchout Catalog

The punch out catalog refers to the electronic commerce site that allows the institutional bjfdkjfkshkjsuyers to purchase directly from their suppliers by making use of the e-procurement system. The institutional buyers include government parastatals, universities, and hospitals just but to mention a few. This system allows the individual customers to place requests for various items although the approval process rests with the management.

To access the system, the user is required to enter his credentials. The credentials entered are then used to authenticate the user and grant him access to the network. The credentials uniquely identify the supplier and the individuals that are logged in the system. Upon reaching the punch out the catalog, the buyers are required to shop by adding the necessary items in the shopping cart. Once they are done, they will click on the checkout button which will transfer the shopping cart to the e-procurement application.

Application launched

In 2015, SciQuest did launch a mobile application for their electronic procurement applications. In a bid to keep up with the competition in procurement the other service providers are expected to follow suit. The tablets and Smartphones have become trendy hence there is a need to have an application that is compatible with these devices. The creators of the application are therefore working round the clock to develop a system that will work on all the platforms.

Conversion of the system

One of the most inquired queries is the ability to convert the current “computer Punchout Catalog” into the “mobile responjfisusuiewrwsive Punchout Catalog. The answer is a partial yes and a partial no. This all depends on how the catalog has been setup.

The conversion of the punch out a catalog to a mobile friendly version requires the services of the developers and the programmers. This explains why in 2015 only SciQuest were the only service providers who successfully launched the mobile platform alongside the existing platforms. As the year progresses, the other service providers are expected to launch their mobile application. This is to ensure that the clients are given the convenience that they need when executing their transactions.