A worry-free communication is the desire of every device user. Encrochat came in as a promising solution to this problem. With its integrated features, it’s almost a guarantee that your communications are now safer than they were. The EncroChat is the new kid on the block as far as the communication is concerned. So what are the benefits of using Encrochat?


Guaranteed Anonymity

In a case where you don’t want to associate yourself with a device or sim card, Encrochat will solve that. Withghgghhgghghh Encrochat there is no way to associate a customer account with a sim card or a device.

Advanced Off The Record Protocol:  Your conversations will be similar to two people having a regular conversation in a room. The probability of having a third party recording your conversation is reduced to zero.

Updates And Live Support

Encrochat provides direct enhancements and frequent updates. There is also a guaranteed live support for issues regarding the using of the security product.

Global Service

Over 120 countries are included in an unlimited international sim card, and the number is still gradually growing. Encrochat also supports CDMA UMTS and Quad band GSM.

Secure Boot

The booting process can be tricky. Encrochat implements a system where upon boot your device internally checks itself to ensure the system files are not tampered with

Advantages of Encrochat

The benefits of Encrochat bring along so many benefits of the security product. The main advantage is that simplifying the encryption process while providing security. A user is relieved of the risk to expose oneself by mistake.Encrochat data is always encrypted from power on. Whether in transit or at rest you are assured of the security of data. The servers never store conversations or decrypt keys.

Another advantage of Encrochat is a high-end hardware. The devices use industry leading equipment that is specially engineered to harden security. The security product prevents potential attack layer by removing cameras microphones USB functionality and GPS. This ensures that baseband attacks are not successful


kjkjjkjkjkjkEach message session is encrypted with a different set of keys thereby providing perfect forward secrecy. If a key is compromised, future messages and previous messages cannot be compromised.

Third party proofs provided by digital signatures are not used in texts. Encrochat has reputable authentication. In a conversation, the recipient is assured of messaging the right person by use of manual and notary authentication. Since all messages received are authentic and unmodified the risk of individuals forging messages against you are also minimized.

The encryption employed are stronger than PGP. This assures that your message content is safe even when an encryption algorithm is deciphered.