Boom beach is popular because it is one of the most fantastic games you can play online. If you are a beginner, you do not have to worry, because it is not hard to play.The boom beach hack is one of the tools that can help beginners. All you need is to gain some knowledge on how to play win, just like any other game. To help you become a professional in this game here is an ultimate boom beach beginner guide.

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As you start, you will require some of the single player islands to earn your first money to purchase basic stuff and upgrade. When you have finished the one player missions, you can begin doing some multiplayer battles.Note that there are some headquarters levels you can rush, but for others you cannot.


In the beginning, maxing your stuff or doing the upgrade will take just a short time. It is advisable for you to try and finish upgrading some of your most vital buildings before you can upgrade your headquarters.

Iron mine, residence, sawmill and quarry

These are the most vital buildings you should upgrade. They are the ones that provide you with tons of daily resources. These resources will assist you greatly in future high headquarters.


Radar is one of the two main buildings you must upgrade after you have finished upgrading your headquarters. By upgrading it, it opens several singleplayer and multiplayer bases that you can raid.


This is the second most important building you must upgrade. By having all your troops upgraded in each of your headquarters will help you be in shape and ready for great battles.

Landing craft

It is important to upgrade your landing craft before all other headquarters. This also assists you to be in great shape for high-level battles.


Gunboat should never be rushed. The higher the level of energy you have, the more it will be easy for you win the battles. Also, gunboat is more vital that the landing craft since it is the one that provides support to your troop.


Statutes are very vital buildings in this game. They provide you with a lot of essence and bonuses. After you upgrade your sculptor, you attain more space for adding another statute. It is good to note that you can place your idol and reclaim it later on.


The defenses are key because they help in defending your base from being raided by other players. You must keep them in great shape and place them in great spots.